Aug. 27th, 2010

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Progress on the house has continued rapidly and over the last fortnight we have got the following things done (again with aid of some builders and my father):

Loft room insulated and plasterboard fitted to walls
Remaining ceilings and loft room replastered
Cork tiles on kitchen wall stripped and wall replastered
Area round front door stripped and replastered
Walls and chimney repointed where necessary
Render on extension improved so it covers the timbers
Air vent added to bricked up chimney
Broken stones in patio steps replaced
Damp patch in hallway investigated and improved (may need further work)
Textured paper stripped from one and a half bedrooms (another half still to go)
All fresh plaster given sizing coat of diluted emulsion (after drying for a week)
Twenty litres of bright white paint applied, mainly to ceilings and kitchen walls
Dining room walls sanded and filled and two coats of almond white emulsion applied
Bright pink brickwork in loft painted over with cream emulsion
New light bought and fitted in loft room
Living room curtains dry-cleaned (others to follow)
Kitchen shelves screwed back into place
Lots of cleaning up of dust and debris
Very full skip of waste removed from site

We are now having a few days of much needed holiday over the long weekend :)


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